With the gradual lamella clarifer acceleration of China's satellite urbanization process, the production of daily life has led to a large number of unsettled discharge of wastewater, caused by serious water environmental pollution, affecting the ecology, in order to promote the sustainable economic development of satellite city, it is necessary to pay attention to wastewater disposal, through the application of advanced core technologies in the field of water disposal can efficiently improve the efficiency of water disposal, improve the ecology of satellite cities, and provide a basic guarantee for sustainable economic development of the economy. In recent years, the core technology of wastewater disposal has developed rapid sand filters rapidly, and membrane microbial supercritical has been widely used as a type of convenient and efficient disposal core technology.

Membrane microbial supercritical is a new form of wastewater disposal system, including microbial wastewater disposal core technology and membrane splitting core technology, mainly by the control system and membrane components, microbial supercritical composition, supercritical core components are membrane components, mainly composed of supporting parts and membranes, microbial supercritical is mainly responsible for environmental pollutants in hydrolyzed wastewater. MBR by the same specific structure can also be divided into several of the same fusion methods, to the size of the membrane in the membrane parts of the membrane pore size classification can be divided into osmotic gasification, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, microfiltration of several types of supercritical, according to the Lamella Plate Settler microbial supercritical reaction process can be divided into respiratory supercritical and aerobic supercritical, in many industrial production caused by the high concentration of organic wastewater disposal mainly on the application of the field of respiration MBR, the disposal of daily life wastewater and satellite city wastewater mainly use aerobic MBR, The arrangement of the membrane in the MBR membrane part also exists in the same arrangement and membrane mode can be divided into tubular fiber type, plate frame type, capillary type, round tube type, spiral coil type, of which tubular fiber type and plate frame type are the most common types.

MBR also has differences in the role of membrane lamella tube components, can be divided into refining type, air cooling type, fixed MBR, in the disposal of industrial wastewater mainly with the help of refining supercritical, and the disposal of pollutants suspended underwater can use fixed MBR, in the solid-liquid separation and disposal has a low work efficiency, air cooling MBR is mainly in the disposal of high aerobic water has been widely used. In addition, MBR can also aluminum MBR and split MBR, the microbial supercritical and membrane parts between the two are the same, the membrane parts of the aluminum MBR are located in the supercritical boundary, and the split MBR is also called the circulating MBR, mainly with the help of pressurized parts to apply pressure to the gel, so that the solid particles in the gel can be swallowed when passing through the membrane, and the reflux and circulation of the concentrate can be realized through the microbial supercritical.